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Share on Facebook. Much of the infantry is thrown into disarray from fear of what will happen, but when the Kage finally arrive they rally their forces against the God Tree. In the anime, Naruto must remain in Konoha while Jiraiya is off investigating and it is up to Tsunade to keep him preoccupied with other missions so that he won't go after Sasuke by himself. Although she may not have all of the technique that Orochimaru and Jiraiya may. She therefore left Konoha, taking Dan's niece, Shizune , with her to train her as an apprentice. Tsunade asks what he would do if his arms were restored. Tsunade uses the little time that they have apologising to him for abandoning his dreams for so many years after he died, but that she now tries to keep his dreams alive in her capacity as Hokage.

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Komik hentai yang saat ini sedang anda cari yaitu komik kartun mesum naruto vs tsunade. From the cellular damage Kakuzu received, Tsunade concludes that the Rasenshuriken is as dangerous to Naruto as it is to his opponents and should therefore not be used again. Bugil Tsunade Hot Foto.

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Anime porn , galleries. Orochimaru's forces repeatedly interfere with the sealing, so Tsunade has some Anbu take over the sealing while the others return to Konoha. March 24, Chief among these is what to do with Naruto and Killer B , whose capture Tobi started the war for.

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Naruto is indeed upset and blames Tsunade for his death, saying she should not have let him go. Lady Tsunade is always known to be drinking Sake and going on a gambling spree. Finally a clash!

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March 29, The Asura Path attacks her, which Naruto, newly returned, destroys in order to save her. Their teams later report encountering the Three-Tails , which Tsunade decides must be dealt with to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. November 4. March 20, She wears open-toed, strappy black sandals with high heels. Tsunade afterwards performs an autopsy on Kakuzu's body, examining the damage that Naruto's new Rasenshuriken did to it.

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The Springtime of Youth wiki has an article about this topic: Tsunade. Ironically, Uchiha Sasuke to become the student of one of the other Sannin, who is known to be one among the antagonists, Orochimaru. March 18,

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Despite Orochimaru 's contribution in their victory in the Fourth Shinobi World War , Tsunade remains guarded against him due to a long history of distrust. She leads the assembled available Konoha ninja to the Blood Prison to be on hand in case the worst should happen. Because the returning Eight Man Squad is closest to the Tsuchigumo clan's location, Tsunade sends Katsuyu to intercept them and give them their assignment to protect the Tsuchigumo.

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