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Amado reveals that he was still recovering from the fight against Naruto and Sasuke , which limited how much he could shrink the flames. Akatsuki composed itself with S-rank missing-nin and started offering its services as a mercenary group to ninja villages, earning the money necessary to fund its long-term plans. While her men fight Team Kurenai and Kakashi, Guren prepares for their arrival. He also regains his high regard for Jiraiya as he referred to Jiraiya was the "perfect first volume". She then develops a sort of friendship with him as she crystallises a flower and tells him that the flower will never wither as long as she is alive. Later, Orochimaru appeared and destroyed the entire village single-handedly. The Animal Path sends its summons to attack Naruto, but the toads confront them instead. His actual chakra reserves were unusually vast, enough that he could perform various , chakra-taxing techniques all in the same day. Main article: Sasuke Recovery Mission Pain gathers the rest of Akatsuki to discuss Sasuke Uchiha 's recent alliance with Orochimaru , as well as the anticipated completion of their plans three years hence.

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Forum Activity. She was devoted to Orochimaru to an almost obsessive state, falling into despair when she learned she would not become his next vessel and isolating herself from the shame. Though he considered all six Paths to be part of the Pain identity he gave himself, Nagato still regarded them as separate entities from himself, referring to them by whichever Path they embody. He regained some of his former mobility after being reincarnated and restoring his body and legs with some of the Eight-Tails ' chakra.

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Her seeming death enrages Naruto, causing him to enter a version 2 state. With few options to choose from, they approached Konoha's Legendary Sannin and asked to be taught ninjutsu. Kawaki enters the interrogation room and attacks Amado, but is blocked by Sasuke.

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Part II: Tobi feels personally betrayed when he learns that Nagato gave his life to revive the villagers of Konoha, believing the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique should have been reserved exclusively for his Eye of the Moon Plan. Youth is All About Passion!

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Guren wears red lipstick, has fair skin, dark eyes and light blue hair which she keeps in a spiky ponytail with long strands of hair framing her face. As the rest of Akatsuki disperses, Pain instructs Deidara and Sasori to deal with the Konoha ninja that have arrived outside their lair. The Asura Path uses itself as a shield to take the attack, creating an opportunity for the Deva Path to level everything and everyone in the area. Jiraiya contemplates returning to Konoha with what he's learned, but decides this is his only chance to discover the secret of Pain. None of the Paths specifically specialised in taijutsu , but all were able to keep pace during hand-to-hand combat with even the most practised opponent. Pain explains the plan of attack: the Asura, Animal, and Preta Paths will destroy the village's infrastructure and draw the attention of its ninja while Konan and the Deva, Human, and Naraka Paths try to find information on Naruto's location. He shoots Naruto with a black receiver as soon as he arrives and tries to control his body, but Naruto successfully resists him. Category : Browse. From absorbing some of the Eight-Tails ' chakra , his hair became red again, as well as his frail body reverting to allow him to be more mobile. Wood release could be the combination of Water, Earth and Yang release.

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Akatsuki composed itself with S-rank missing-nin and started offering its services as a mercenary group to ninja villages, earning the money necessary to fund its long-term plans. Nagato apologises to Naruto for not only this fight after death, but his actions during life, believing his story was unworthy of following Jiraiya's. Category : Characters. To that end he reincarnates Nagato and four other dead members of Akatsuki as offerings for Tobi's war plans.

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The Konoha ninja killed his parents in self-defence and, upon realising they were only civilians, tried apologising to Nagato. An alternative to this was cutting off control of five of the Paths and focusing all of his chakra into one. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Online. She tries to kill Tobi when he comes looking for Nagato's Rinnegan, only to die herself after being forced to reveal the location of Nagato's body.

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