Sakura x ino.

You ready to go? Sakura gagged slightly as he pushed further and further down, tickling the tight, wet walls of her gullet. She had actually dated a few guys when Naruto was on his training trip, she had no intention of even going to first base, she was just curious what going on a date was like, and none of the guys even made any moves on her, not even the 'yawn and put your arm over her shoulder' move! Says: whats up? Yet she kept herself open, showing her dear husband the amount he had just released, and how good of a cock-sucker she was. Torturing them further he continued his thrust for twenty more seconds before pulling back. Sakura's Desire and Shion's Date Join the community to add your comment. And I brought clothes to wear just in case. Filling her fully and completely.

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Stay awesome! Watching the two girls kiss was a real turn-on for Naruto as he sped up further. Deciding he was kinda in a hurry, his painful erection was rather insistent, he clicked 'List' and a second later another screen popped up. And her two teammates are the ones to do the chasing.

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Please don't stop. That should get his attention. It was a smart idea though, she would have introduced their jaws to their brains if they did, but still! Another part of his brain, wearing red and black spandex 2 gave his two cents, 'Discarded blankets?

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Considering the size of the puddle below them they must have been going at it since she had first thrown her. Mumbling about various prices and who would provide the best sale. Once satisfied, Sakura lowered herself, pulling more and more until, finally, they popped out of her mouth, landing on her plump and puckered lips. Ino: I cant feel my brain!

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New Year lemon special Naru x Hina lemon Giving up the commanding voice for a moment he asked in his normal voice, "Are you ready, this will most likely hurt. Is something wrong with her? Top of Work Index. Her tongue, coiling around the throbbing shaft, massaged the flesh as she sucked the tip deeper into her mouth. Her luck was perfect as Naruto showed up only 3 days after she came to this realization. Sakura's back S. A meaty Thwak!

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Wanna Be Me sakura-ino. I'm Cumming! Her slender fingers trailed up and down, teasing his veiny shaft while kneading each, individual nut one at a time.

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This caught Naruto attention rather quickly as he grabbed her hair at the base and shoved his soaked cock back into her mouth. All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents Page created in 0. Sakura still didn't notice that Naruto was behind her until she stood back up. Call me a over-protective father if you want for it but since you saved the village your clearly strong enough to get my little princess home safe.

Ino X Sakura - Sugar Baby Love

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